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*Compared with Travelocity's regular prices for the same hotel on the same day. Hotel name not known until after booking.

    How Travelocity Top Secret Hotels Work

    Travelocity Top Secret Hotels allow you to get unpublished discounts without the hassle of bidding. And it's all backed by the Travelocity Service Guarantee.

    Step 1: Know the Price Upfront

    We work with top hotels to get you up to 55% off already great rates, and we reveal these prices upfront.

    Step 2: Pick What Best Fits Your Needs

    Choose a date and location, and we'll give you a choice of top hotels, including their price and rating.

    Step 3: Book It, and the Secret is Revealed!

    After you book, we'll immediately tell you the hotel's name and details.

Terms & Conditions
All Secret Hotel Deals bookings are final (non-refundable and non-changeable) and may only be booked online.

In order to preserve the secrecy of our Secret Hotel Deals, we may have changed the descriptions for some of our hotels. You may be pleasantly surprised.

Rates quoted allow up to two people per room; extra person charges may apply for more people. Strikethrough price reflects the daily rate before savings. The daily rate is based on either (1) the average booked price for the same hotel by Travelocity in the last 30 days or (2) the average booked price sold by Travelocity for the same hotel last year in the 30 day period prior to today's date last year. Rates are subject to availability. Additional restrictions and blackout dates may apply.